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FACE Architecture Modeling Environment

TES-SAVi’s FAMETM tool is available now for purchase in 1-year subscription increments (see the link below).

TES-SAVi's FAME (FACE Architecture Modeling Environment)

TES-SAVi’s FAME (a FACE Architecture Modeling Environment)

TES-SAVi’s FAMETM (a FACE Architecture Modeling Environment) is a complete end-to-end and round-trip capability for composing FACE-candidate conformant-ready USM and DSDMs conforming to editions 2.1.x and 3.x of the FACE Technical Standard, including 2.1.x to 3.x model migration.

FAMETM manages thousands of model elements with superior performance and time-savings: import/export in seconds for average models, 2-3 minutes for very large models the complexities of large collections of entities, and promotes rapid prototyping toward the end game of FACE Conformance.

FAMETM supports the entire FACE USM and DSDM modeling process. Import, Modeling, Editing, Review, and Export of: FACE Data Models (*.face files), Capability Interface Document (CID) documentation; meta-model, OCL, and Query/Template rule verification and validation, with reporting within the Project Chronicle.

FAMETM reduces program risk by hiding some of the intricacies of complex data model efforts. Our visualization features (QuickView, Auto-diagram Editor, and others) improve model navigation compared to other data model tools built on extensions/tags to existing meta-models. Built in creation and update wizards (for Conceptual to Logical and Logical to Platform model realizations) make model consistency and correctness a snap. Wizards are context sensitive and meta-model aware virtually eliminating incorrect model constructions

If FACE shared data elements exist, grab and use them; if not create them, and submit these new elements into the FACE CCB process for inclusion. The FACE project dashboard shows added elements and project details.  When complete, our auto-generated components guarantee OCL compliance, using the Open Groups’ OCL checking tool.

Like most, our FAMETM tool is for sophisticated FACE developers; but unlike most (GME/EA/EMOF/MD), we can support you with a domain-specific tool capability, training, services, and support for all of your FACE development needs. When you’re ready for verification, TES-SAVi is an approved FACE Verification Authority.

TES-SAVi prepares you with a path toward success in the FACE market space.

Here are some of the features of FAMETM:

  • Built-in FACE edition 3.x & 2.1.x support, not just tags on top of the UML metamodel
  • Shared Data Model (SDM) awareness
  • Model and SDM merge
  • Model discovery, browsing, and editing through Auto Diagram and QuickView documentation
  • Instant validation & reporting, plus QuickFix for models with common errors
  • Context-sensitive and grammar-aware editing of Queries and Templates
  • Documentation and Reports
  • Model-creation and realization wizards (including update) that greatly reduce modeling effort and errors (Enumerations, Measurements, Conceptual Entity/Association attribution, realization of CDM->LDM->PDM,)
  • Natural Language Model Development/Creation for non-Data-Modeler engineering roles
  • Model definition supported by included English language dictionary through online Wikipedia access
  • FACE-specific model element dashboard
  • Full FACE model data import & export
  • Locking/unlocking of model hierarchies
  • Conversion of v2.1 to v3.0 data models in seconds
  • Windows, MacOS, and Linux

Request a Demo, or contact Sales@TES-SAVi.com for additional information.

Click here to purchase a 1-year subscription of our FAMETM product.

AWESUMR is a registered trademark of TES-SAVi.
FACETM is a trademark of The Open Group.