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Request a SAVi (System Architecture Virtual Integration) Demo

TES-SAVi’s secure Simulation and Virtual Integration Lab brings an element of actual 3rd party Avionics components integrations to the Aviation Community. Our Engineers have extensive Army program experience integrating, simulating, and stimulating actual military components in a Virtual Environment and positioning the Government to evaluate actual performance of military embedded complex software systems in a network centric virtual environment (AHS, 2013).

If you wish to meet with us and discuss your state-of-art model-based systems engineering needs, just let us know. Arrangements can be made if executing non-disclosure agreements (NDA) are required.

Access to the Lab is restricted to United State Citizen’s only. No JPAS is required, but all TES-SAVi visitors must sign in and present valid government issued identification. To request a specialized capability demo, please complete and submit the form below.

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