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Software Engineering Directorate / Aviation Engineering Directorate


The U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC), part of the U.S. Army Research, Development, and Engineering Command (RDECOM), is a primarily civilian organization tasked to provide research, development, and engineering technology and services to support U.S. Army aviation and missile platforms. AMRDEC operates research, development, engineering and simulation laboratories and facilities used to develop and mature aviation and missile components, subsystems, and systems.

SED provides world-class system and software engineering life cycle management support to our customers and warfighters. AED delivers responsive airworthiness solutions throughout the system life cycle; and sustains the leadership and engineering expertise necessary to provide valued products to our aviation customers.

TES has been working with AMRDEC SED & AED Directorates since 2003. We have been working common software avionics solutions since 2003, rapid-integration of reusable advanced capabilities since 2003, and supporting the US Army in the FACE Consortium since 2010. TES-SAVi demonstrated FACE-aligned AMRDEC products at FACE TIMs since 2013 (Army, Navy-NAVAIR, and AirForce TIMs and Expos). see AHS papers.

Ballard Technology

Astronics Ballard Technology® Astronics Ballard Technology is the industry-leader for reliable interface solutions and world-class customer support. They manufacture avionics databus interfaces, embedded computers, and software for aerospace, military, and commercial use, including a wide selection of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products for testing, simulation, and embedded applications.

TES-SAVi has been designing and demonstrating FACE-aligned reusable products on Ballard products (AB2x/AB3x, and 1553 interface cards) since 2010.

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Boundless Design and Marketing

Boundless Design and Marketing is a Tucson, Arizona based web development firm that specializes in modern web development, custom web application design, mobile/responsive websites and common sense marketing solutions.

Boundless is TES-SAVi’s website partner.

Creative Electronic Systems (CES)

CES – embedded processor developer. Creative Electronic Systems (CES) designs and manufactures rugged embedded computers engineered to meet the most demanding performance needs for optimal Size, Weight and Power.

TES-SAVi and CES developed TESeract, and has been working with CES since 2014. TES-SAVi’s TESseract was first introduced and demonstrated at the FACE Army TIM 2016.

TESseract (our “FACE-Box”) a scalable, off-the-shelf solution for rugged, flight capable UAS computers featuring the VITA 74 Small Form Factor (VNX) architecture and technologies. TES-SAVi’s TESseract, loaded with FACE architecture libraries, is prepared to support a wide-range of Military avionics. No other product provides all of these features, nothing comes close.

TESseract is designed to work standalone or within a triple redundant system, this processing center gives the user two QorIQ PowerPC based processors, a next generation communications card, and a host of avionics I/O; all in a package 1/3rd the weight and size of today’s standard 3U-VPX chassis. Wide-range input power supplies, a fully sealed conduction cooled chassis, and MIL-STD-810G based environmentals provide a rugged platform for embedded processing, able to operate in the most extreme UAS environments. Extensive use of optical interfaces ensures EMI protection of high-speed communications buses, as well as PCIe based shared memory rings between multiple VNX chassis. Through the selection of configurable I/O and MiniPCIe connection points, the system provides an array of serial, discrete, MIL-STD-1553, and other data bus interfaces, as well as options for embedded IMU, EGI, and differential GPS functionality. The TESseract VNXx4 is the first in a line of expanding systems which can shrink or grow as needs change, from a small 2 card system, to a fully redundant 8 slot solution.

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DISTi and GL Studio Software Products – High Quality User Interface Development

GL Studio is a graphical content-creation tool that enables software developers to deliver the best end user experience possible through highly advanced and aesthetically pleasing user interfaces. Each GL Studio software package offers unique capabilities for specific vertical markets, such as: embedded systems and infotainment displays, desktop and mobile training, and safety critical displays.

TES has been designing and demonstrating FACE-aligned Army reusable products using DISTi graphical displays/ GL Studio products since 2010.

FlightWire Technology

FlightWire Technology, Inc. is a USA owned and operated corporation located in Colorado Springs, CO. With considerable printed circuit board, FGPA, and cable harness design experience coupled with years of product validation, testing and systems expertise, FlightWire is uniquely qualified to help our customers define requirements, design to the requirements, test the requirements, and deliver finished product.

With nearly 23 years of IEEE-1394 (FireWire) and AS5643 experience, FlightWire founder Richard Mourn is Chair of the 1394 Trade Association and Vice Chair of the SAE Mil-1394 Task Group that is responsible for the development of AS5643 and related standards, Mr. Mourn’s systems view drives FlightWire’s conception through product delivery discipline.

TES has been working with CES since 2014. TES-SAVi and FlightWire developed TESeract. TES-SAVi demonstrated TESseract at the FACE Army TIM 2016.

LynX Software Technologies

Lynx Software Technologies’ embedded operating systems are based on open standards, and used over and over in important products made for the communications, aerospace and defense systems, medical, and consumer industries. Their OS product family provides a best of breed POSIX conformant Hard Real-Time OS (LynxOS), an industry envied DO-178B Certifiable OS for safety critical environments.

TES-SAVi has been designing and demonstrating FACE-aligned Army reusable products using LynX real-time operating systems since 2010.

US Army PEO-Aviation

PEO-AVN Leads and Executes the Army’s Life Cycle Management for Aviation Weapon Systems. PEO-AVN’s portfolio includes the World’s Largest Military Air Force.

TES has been working with PEO-AVN since 2003. We have been working common software avionics solutions since 2003, rapid-integration of reusable advanced capabilities since 2003, and supporting the US Army in the FACE Consortium since 2010.

Piasecki Aircraft Corporation (PiAC)


Piasecki Aircraft Corporation (PiAC) was founded by American vertical flight pioneer Frank Piasecki to develop compound helicopters and other advanced rotorcraft. PiAC continues today, developing advanced capabilities useful for the goals of FVL FoS.

TES-SAVi has been working with PiAC on advanced model-based solutions for advanced aircraft designs since 2014.


Works with TES-SAVi on their tool used to generate the TSS type specific code


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Silvus Technologies

Mobile Networked mesh radio products for distributed video and other high bandwidth data in harsh tactical environments.

TES-SAVi has been working with SiLVUS since 2015. TES-SAVi first introduced and demonstrated MIMO at the FACE Army TIM 2016.

Silvus leads the Mobile Networked MIMO (MN-MIMO) waveform revolution with a family of mesh radio products specifically designed to address the growing demand for distributing video and other high bandwidth data in harsh tactical environments. StreamCaster radios, featuring MN-MIMO at the core, join together to form a robust, self-healing, self-forming fluid mesh network. From underground tunnels to Unmanned Surface Vehicles, to Airborne ISR, and everywhere in-between, StreamCaster provides high bandwidth, reliable wireless video and data communications where traditional radios fail.

TES selected Silvus for they represent a leader of the MIMO revolution, with the world’s first MIMO radio optimized for demanding tactical applications.

AATD – US Army Aviation Applied Technology Directorate (AATD)

AATD develops, matures, demonstrates and transitions critical technologies and products through technology programs and customer support that modernize, maintain and sustain Army Aviation as the dominant land force aviation component in the world.

TES has been working with AATD since 2011.

Rotorcraft Systems Engineering and Simulation Center (RSESC)

University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH)

Rotorcraft Systems Engineering and Simulation Center (RSESC) at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH).

TES-SAVi worked closely with the Director of RSESC during ADD’s IMPACT Study in 2014/2015 – Airworthiness of Complex Systems study, Verification, Validation, and Accreditation (VV&A) of Simulation and Tools – Study Group, Innovation and Modernization Projects Affecting Capabilities and Technology (IMPACT) Study Results.

RSESC stands ready to become a world-class model-based systems engineering educational center. TES-SAVi is proud to be a strategic partner with UoAH’s RSESC.