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Virtual Integration

TES-SAVi’s FAMETM (a FACE Architecture Modeling Environment) is a complete end-to-end and round-trip capability for composing FACE-candidate conformant-ready USM and DSDMs conforming to editions 2.1.x and 3.x of the FACE Technical Standard, including 2.1.x to 3.x model migration.

MMOSA and More

AWESUM® is an end-to-end, complete lifecycle tool suite that fuses systems and software modeling with simulation (M&S) capabilities, modular open system architectures (MOSA), and device and sensor integration techniques into a single package. 


An associated Consortium member since 2010. An expert and contributing author of the FACE technical standard and business documentations, as well as co-chair of subcommittees. TES-SAVi a FACE Verification Authority.

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