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FAME(TM) Modeler



FAME (FACETM Architecture Modeling Environment) is a sub product of AWESUM(R) designed to support FACE application software and data model development. FAME greatly reduces the effort to build FACE data models and software applications: Portable Components Segment (PCS) and Platform-Specific Services Segment (PSSS) applications.

FAME Modeler provides support for FACE Technical Standard Editions FACE v2.1, v2.1.1, v3.0 . FAME is a complete end-to-end development environment for creating data models that are conformant to the FACE Technical Standard, and therefore ready for FACE conformance testing. FAME reduces the complexities of managing large collections of model elements and streamlines the development and integration of FACE Units of Conformance (UoC).

FAME comes in two different version, FAME Modeler and FAME Pro:

  1. FAMETM is a complete end-to-end modeling and development environment for developing FACE data models and FACE applications. FAME handles the complexities of large collections of entities, and promotes rapid prototyping toward the end game of FACE verifiable data models.
  2. FAMETM-PRO includes all the features of FAME and adds documentation auto generation (Interface Definition Description-IDD) and Transport Services Segment (TSS) code auto generation from your FACE data model.
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