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AWESUM(R) FAME(TM) Software Version 2




TES-SAVi has three versions available for FACE ecosystem development efforts.

  1. FAMETM (a FACETM Architecture Modeling Environment), the newest and first commercial-off-the-shelf module of AWESUM(R). TES-SAVi’s FAMETM is a complete end-to-end capability for composing FACE candidate data models. It handles the complexities of large collections of entities, and promotes rapid prototyping toward the end game of FACE verifiable data models.
  2. FAMETM-PRO. Advanced users select FAME-PRO. FAME-PRO allows you to generate both documentation (Interface Definition Description-IDD) and generate Transport Services Segment (TSS) code from your FACE data model.
  3. AWESUMR  Our complete life cycle capability is contained in AWESUM(R).
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