Air Force’s Continuous Integration and Continuous Development with the FACE™ Technical Standard – FACE VV&A on the Hanscom MilCloud

Verification, Validation, and Accreditation (VV&A) confirm the establishment of a well-formed development and integration process. Performing on the Air Force’s REGI program, Infinite Dimensions, Inc. (IDI) and Tucson Embedded Systems, Inc. (TES) combined VV&A capabilities to support open systems development efforts aligned to the FACE Technical Standard in a continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD) process hosted on the Hanscom MilCloud (HmC). US Air Force’s Resilient-Embedded Global Positioning System/Inertial Navigation System (R-EGI), Virtual EGI Development and Testing, [RIK-OTA-16-ZAC-EGI] – is a program with software and architecture aligned to the FACE Technical Standard that includes rapid prototyping, cross-organizational developments, secure internet protocol (IP), and with hardware in the loop (HWIL) support.

The approach utilized for R-EGI may well change how cross-organizational teams collaborate. CI/CD has been shown to effectively speed capability development though the life cycle and improve product quality. The CI/CD can be replicated to support other development efforts aligned to the FACE Technical Standard. This paper and the corresponding FACE Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM) capability demonstration should be of interest to both Stakeholders and cross-organizational integrate product teams (IPTs) of Systems/Software Developers of open systems products aligned to the FACE Technical Standard, and/or other open systems approaches that have complex accreditation requirements.

Presented at the FACE Army TIM 2018, Huntsville AL, Von Braun Center, 18 September 2018.