TES-SAVi announces AWESUM® and FAME™ Pro: version 2024-Q1

TES-SAVi has announced the latest release of AWESUM® and FAME™ Pro: version 2024-Q1. FAME™ Pro is the premier tool suite for the rapid development, testing, and deployment of FACE™ and Open UDDL data architecture models.   

The 2024-Q1 release focuses on:

  • Additional FACE Validation
  • Additions to the Statistics View/Dashboard for FACE Model Elements
  • Smart Creation of FACE Queries and Templates
  • Defect fixes

All users with active subscriptions are eligible for a free upgrade. Distribution is available for all Windows, MACOS, and Linux platforms. For more information see www.tes-savi.com, or direct inquiries to info@tes-savi.com, or support@tes-savi.com. 

Users with active subscriptions may log in and access TES-SAVi product support at www.tes-savi.com/product-support, to view a detailed presentation describing the release.

TES-SAVi, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tucson Embedded Systems, Inc. (TES-i) is a leader in Systems and Software Development tools and services for both Government and Industry concerns. TES-SAVi specializes in supporting all FACE Technical Standard Editions as a FACE Verification Authority (VA), providing Training Courses including the FACE Data Architecture and providing Subject Matter Expertise for our customers ensuring their success in all their FACE component and systems development efforts.  

TES-SAVi revolutionizing product development by unifying people, technology, information, and communication. 

FAME Pro is a FACE™ Architecture Modelling Environment providing a complete end-to-end capability for composing FACE data models and realizing FACE software component generation, verification, and validation. FAME Pro handles the complexities of large collections of entities and promotes rapid prototyping toward the end goal of producing FACE verifiable data models that are built as direct implementations of the FACE metamodel and support all versions of FACE in the same product. These tools provide FACE specific enhancements that aid in the development of FACE conformant models and often greatly reduce the cost and effort to learn and build FACE Data Architecture models including built-in FACE validation, Transport Service specific support for code and configuration generation as well as time saving wizards reducing modelling effort by several orders of magnitude. Support for multiple USMs, DSDMs, and UoCs allow for very advanced integration modelling enabling straightforward model management, integration, code and functional test generation. 

22 May 2024, Tucson AZ 

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