Presentation: FACE™ BITS Event 2018 – Air Force’s Continuous Integration and Continuous Development with the FACE Technical Standard

Presentation Outline:

    • Resilient EGI (R-EGI) addresses aircraft GPS jamming and spoofing
      • Multiple inputs improve positioning information and increases resilience
    • R-EGI is an Open Systems Architecture (OSA) design
      • Currently aligned with FACE v2.1.x
      • Next steps, likely OMS, and maybe FACE v3.x
    • Well-formed cross-organizational development Environment
      • Well-formed processes, support cross-organizational contributions
      • Complete Lifecycle – Satisfies 61% (or 44 of 72) DO-178 software lifecycle objectives, processes which are support Air Force, Navy, and Army LC processes
      • Described/Published: AF CI/CD – FACE TIM Paper, September 2018
    • (Resulting in) Speeds capability development & integration efforts (dev./test/fix agile development), and improves product quality