Paper: Advances in Applying a Model-based Modular Open Systems Approach (MMOSA) to Hardware and Software Verification and Conformance

The promise of emerging open standards, Sensor Open Systems Architecture™
(SOSA), Hardware Open Systems Technologies (HOST), C4ISR/EW Modular Open
Suite of Standards (CMOSS), and the Future Airborne Capability Environment™
(FACE) are being leveraged for Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) system
development. These “best-of-breed” technologies are being used to design, build,
upgrade and deploy systems to our warfighters that are more complex and more
capable with higher technology readiness levels, lower cost and reduced development
and integration schedules. Adoption of open systems has been slow due to fears of
delay in schedule and increases to cost in the development phase. Modern methods
like MMOSA can mitigate those risks creating an environment for higher order
application of open systems in new and upgraded platforms.

This paper presents TES’ advances in utilizing Model-based Modular Open Systems
Approach (MMOSA) in meeting the need to verify systems against the open
standards they are built upon in order to achieve the high goals espoused by MOSA.
TES’ AWESUM® processes and tool suite enable the rapid development of hardware
and software solutions for multi-organization development and integration to build
complex cyber-physical systems (CPS) by creating flexible verification systems that
can align with the operating environment and speed the process through test,
verification and conformance.