TES is awarded a follow-on R2C2 Contract with US Army PEO Aviation

TES is awarded a follow-on R2C2 Contract with US Army PEO Aviation. Since 2010, The US Army has TES on contract developing the Army’s Reusable Radio Control Component (R2C2). Just awarded is largest R2C2 contract to date showing PEO Aviation’s faith in our engineering capabilities. TES will execute on Modifications for Apache Limited User Training (LUT).  We will integrate the MNVR (AN/VRC-118(V)1 Mid-tier Networking Vehicular Radio (MNVR) which provides a bridge between the lower and upper tactical internet) a surrogate radio ahead of and in preparation of the US Army’s Small Airborne Networking Radio (SANR) procurement. The US Army continues to support us, and consider TES as its key partner in the success of their next-generations military communications.

In August 2015, R2C2 became the US Army’s first FACE verified software product, breaking ground for the FACE community.  Then supporting on common legacy capabilities of the AN/ARC-201D and AN/ARC-231, now significant enhancements have been made integrating STT/Link-16 capabilities. Our model-based tooling and rapid capability process are accelerating how we develop and verify complex embedded systems, those that will be critical to the success of our military and dominance of the battle space.