TES Leads Delivery of Joint Multi-Role (JMR) Mission Systems Architecture Demonstration (MSAD) Support: Air Vehicle/Mission System Architecture (AV/MSA) Interface Definition for US Army Future Vertical Lift (FVL)

TES Leads Delivery of Joint Multi-Role (JMR) AV/MSA IDD Task 4 efforts for US Army FVL Program. Thirteen of the top-aviation companies were funded by the US Government to position the Defense Community to be in a better-buying position. Over 14-month period, collaborating with Government Stakeholders were

  • Platform OEMs (LMCO/Sikorsky, Honeywell),
  • System Integrators (Boeing, Collins Aerospace, Northrup Grumman, Raytheon, SAIC),
  • Component/Subsystem Suppliers (GE Aviation, Harris, Near Earth), and
  • Academia and Integration Modelers (Univ. of Alabama, Skayl, and Tucson Embedded Systems)
  • Tucson Embedded Systems (TES) program managed these efforts for the Vertical Lift Consortium (VLC)

Together we defined an open interface definition and a set of specifications for next-generation Air Vehicle and Mission Systems Architectures. Together we allocated 331 functions to support manned, optionally-piloted, and fully-autonomous flight.

The AV/MSA IDD was modeled and then validated against real-word avionics components and weapon systems to ensure the Government can use the IDD in future procurement efforts.

The Government Plans to use the AV/MSA IDD, with model-based tooling and process improvements, into what will evolve into model-based procurement practices used by the Government. The hope is to optimize cost, schedule, and improve the safety of

War-fighting capabilities embedded within next-generation DoD military aircraft.

During the 26-27 March Final Presentation, the Government commended efforts stating delivery of Task 4 AV/MSA IDD products exceeded expectations. Follow-on efforts for the VLC are being formulated.TES has been asked to lead these follow-on efforts.Task 4 products are being used to inform other JMR procurement efforts.

TES shall brief these efforts to VLC Member’s meeting at Quad-A [http://www.quad-a.org]. BG Thomas H. Todd III who serves as the Program Executive Officer, Aviation is expected to attend these briefings.