Paper: FACE™ Cross-Integration Successes – Honeywell, RTI, and TES-SAVi; 2016 FACE BITS Event – Model-based Tools used for Rapid FACE Development and Integrations

Benefits emerging from open systems standards, e.g., FACETM, HOST, OMS, JCA, SOSA, and the recent innovations of model-based systems engineering (MBSE) practices and tools, brings forth a new age in software portability, software reuse, and the opportunity for rapid integration of military aviation capabilities and their applications hosted on safe and secure modular avionics architectures.

At the December 2016 FACE Member’s Meeting BITS event, three company participants, Honeywell, Real-Time Innovations (RTI), and TES-SAVi, set-forth to combine two individual FACE-aligned efforts, i.e., Honeywell EGI and RTI’s DDS, demonstrating plausibility of rapid integration benefits of the FACE Technical Standard, currently version 2.1.

The cross-integration began following the demonstration of individual FACE BALSA efforts, when an Integration Workshop (FACE IWS) challenge was posed to Honeywell and RTI to cross-integrate their individual development efforts thereby demonstrating ease of systems-of-systems cross-integration benefits. The challenge was met, efforts began to share code at the completion of the BITS events, and cross-integration efforts were complete before close of business (COB), for there was a strong motivation to meet the challenge for these competent teams of FACE developing resources. This paper summarizes the findings of these successes.