Paper: Next-Generation Model-Based Systems Engineering Processes and Tools Supporting the Airworthiness efforts of Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), AHS 72nd Annual Forum 2016

This paper presents a vision with options for embracing MBSE practices; it suggests how the Government could use MB tooling and process improvements to optimize cost, schedule and improve the safety of Warfighting capabilities embedded within DoD military aircraft. The paper suggests how to reuse these capabilities during their flight certification efforts across the Aviation fleet resulting in advanced integration schedules and improved interoperability between systems. The paper discusses how these MB processes and tooling are being used today (only in parts) to support the development, verification and validation, and airworthiness certification efforts of complex software intensive CPS, as well as proposes methods for the adoption of such tools within the Government using industry best practices.

The paper discusses how MBSE tools and processes can effectively support the management of complex airworthiness processes, and demonstrate to the Airworthiness Authority confidence of proper design implementations of the safe operations of capabilities embedded within avionic systems’ components, and safe interactions of inter-dependent components within systems and subsystems typically integrated on aircraft and used throughout the battlespace. These capabilities are needed for safe and effective operations in hostile terrain and all forms of environmental conditions if we are to continue to militarily dominate the battle space of tomorrow.