TES Helps Honeywell with FACE Success

TES Helps Honeywell with FACE Success

Honeywell employed TES’ Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE TM) open systems architecture software designers and developed an Embedded Global Positioning Systems Inertial Navigation System (EGI) aligned to the FACE technical standard.

Honeywell’s goal is to achieve FACE Conformance make this the first FACE EGI product available to military and commercial platform integrators both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.  On 6 December 2016, Honeywell presented their efforts to the FACE BITS event with success during a FACE Member’s meeting. TES’ efforts helped Honeywell by merging the Honeywell EGI429 data model and the FACE BALSA v2.1.1 GME data model, with 2 PCS, 1 PSS, 1 IOS developed and integrated FACE segments and 3 external device components (EGI – input, MFD – output, and WorldWind – output). The combined results of these development and integration efforts, presented to the FACE Consortium’s Integration Workshop (IWS), can be viewed below.

For additional information on our MBSE capabilities used to support these FACE developments, see TES-SAVi AWESUM Products

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