FAME Release v1.03.2752 is now available – reduced rate until 29 March 2017

FAME Release v1.03.2752 is now available

Please note TES-SAVi has completed a release, marking our transition from Beta. The Release Notes file identifies the many enhancements.

We suggest that you download our v1.03.2752 as soon as possible.

Our plans are to increase pricing after the FACE Air Force TIM/Expo, so that FACE Members can take advantage of reduced pricing. That pricing schedule is identified below if you like to take advantage and purchase additional copies.

Our online purchase system now handles either credit cards or Purchase Orders (POs). The link to buy FAME is [ https://tes-savi.com/product/awesum-product-suite/ ]

Kind Regards, TES-SAVi Development Team

Pricing Plan FAME FACE Architectural Modeling Environment
$75 now til Friday 24th March
$250 FACE AF TIM/Expo – FACE Member’s pricing 24-28th March
$495 29th March forward Release Version