TES-SAVi Presents Model-Based System Engineering at AHS 72 International

TES-SAVi published and presented “Next-Generation Model-Based Systems Engineering Processes and Tools Supporting the Airworthiness efforts of Cyber Physical Systems”, at the American Helicopter Society 72nd Annual Forum in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, May 17-19, 2016.

We introduced the Problem Statement the Complexity of Systems of Systems (SoS), described how model-based tools can be used to support next-generation development needs – Future Vertical Lift Family of Systems (FVL FoS); and demonstrate model-based product capabilities used to conduct manned and un-manned teaming mission rehearsals and evaluate operational requirements within a virtual network-centric battle-space with Hostile terrain with degraded visual environmental conditions and FACE™ Open System Architectures and Aviation Plug-n-Play Capabilities (Communications, ASE, and Weapons).

For additional information – see Company-Publications to download the paper.

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